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AR Gunsmithing Services

Barrel change or install $55

Free Float Handguard installed $25-75

Gas block, new installed $25-50

Buttstock installed $10-25

Hand Crown Barrel (45 or 11 degrees) $25

Hand Cut+ Crown Barrel $40

Perm attach muzzle device $35

Muzzle Device: install/time on threaded barrel $20

Assemble Lower Receiver, includes: Torqueing to specs and staking of castle nut, Drilling/tapping/installing of threaded bolt catch roll pin and rear take down detent spring set screw $25-40

Trigger Job, standard trigger group $45

Drop In Trigger group install $25

Complete Assembly of Upper Receiver, includes: Lapping to true receiver face, Drilling/tapping/installing threaded roll pins $65-85

Rifle Bore sighting $35

Scope Installation with Bore sighting $60

Rifle Scope Ring Lapping $60

Standard Labor Work $60/hr

Rifle Cleaning $30-60